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Jaz Specialist Cleaning Services use professional machinery and products that have been synonymous with quality cleaning for over 40 years. The brand is industry renowned for professional carpet and fabric cleaning. The cleaning system is low moisture, quick drying so you will be able to walk on rugs and sit on upholstery a few hours after cleaning is complete.

Upholstery: We clean both fabric and leather upholstery. Often upholstery has become grimy and tired looking with daily use and it can be refreshed and reinvigorated with our professional clean.  Our cleaning is ideal for sofas, dining chairs, cushions and outdoor furniture in domestic properties as well as bars, restaurants and offices. Stubborn stains such as red wine, chocolate and coffee can almost always be removed successfully.


Rugs & Carpets: All cleaning is carried out in situ, eliminating the hassle of taking your rugs to the dry cleaners and waiting, often weeks, for them to be cleaned and ready for collection. Rugs and carpets are rejuvenated, often looking like new and stains such as grass, mud, red wine and food are almost always successfully removed.


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Mattresses: We often use the fabric cleaning system alongside steam cleaning, depending on how heavily soiled the mattress is. Steam cleaning will eliminate bed bugs, disinfect and kill germs and the fabric cleaning will remove difficult stains such as blood, urine and sweat. 24 hour drying time is recommended.



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